Before Your Surgery And After, We Help Minimize Your Down Time

Spinal surgery can be intimidating. After all, this is a critical area of your body, and you’ve no doubt seen people who have lost function of their spinal cord. So it’s natural to play the “what if” game and scare yourself about things that could go wrong. That’s one way to look at it.

But what if instead you could learn exactly what to expect both during and after the surgery?

What if you knew enough about your condition, what caused it, how your surgery is going to heal it, and what you can do after surgery to encourage this healing that you actually found yourself looking forward to surgery rather than dreading it?

Imagine the release of stress you’d enjoy when you toss aside the fear and focus on how you can work to improve your life after your surgery is complete?

That’s the approach to spinal surgery rehabilitation we take here at RehWork.

What To Expect

When you come out of spinal surgery, you’ll of course be down and out of it for a while as things knit back together. But when it comes time to start to undertake recovery exercises, many patients can be timid or fearful that they’re going to re-injure themselves or make things worse. And though this is understandable behaviour, it can cause significant delays in recovery.

If, however, you’ve gone through pre-hab with us at RehWork, you’ll find yourself eager to do what your recovery plan calls for.

Because you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how and why your exercises work, you’ll take to them with confidence.

It can make all the difference – not only through your mindset but because your exercises will be customized to your specific surgery and situation by a leading spinal surgery rehabilitation expert in our Dr. John Booth.

With his expertise at your back, you’ll be in position to regain functionality far more quickly than you might think for such serious surgery.