We restore quality of life from chronic pain

Here at RehWork, we’re committed to helping you overcome your chronic pain and restore your quality of life. We don’t like to call it chronic, because that implies that you’ll never be free of it. We prefer the term “persisting”, because while this pain is stubborn, there are ways you can mitigate, lessen, and in some cases completely overcome it.

Musculoskeletal Pain:

This is an umbrella term that covers muscle or bone pain in general. Whether your lower back is always bothering you, or your shoulders are constantly tense and tender, that’s persistent musculoskeletal pain.

Research has recognised that exercise alone is not enough to treat this type of pain. If it were, you’d be better already. Rather, what’s required is a balance of education, mental techniques and physical exercise. That’s precisely the treatment you’ll receive at RehWork.

Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation:

When you undergo spinal surgery, proper preparation is just as important as proper rehabilitation.

RehWork has been guiding patients through pre/post spinal surgery rehab for more than 10 years.

Our founder is a leader in researching this field and has made it his mission to find the most effective methods to get you back on your feet and functioning at a high level.

Men's Health Exercise Program

RehWork are assisting men to take a more active role to improve their quality of life, health and wellbeing using a combination of education, social interaction and physical activity/ exercise.  The Men's Health Exercise program is designed for males of any age who are managing a chronic disease, sore muscles or joints or just want to be more active and involved in their work, hobbies/ recreation, family and daily activities.