Where You Are; Where You Want To Be; And How You’re Going To Get There

Recovery is personal. Just as your pain was no doubt brought about by a unique set of circumstances, your recovery must be as well.

When we get together with you and formulate your Personal Recovery Plan, we take all these circumstances into consideration. They may include:

  • Injury Location
  • Your Current Pain Beliefs
  • Your Understanding Of Your Pain
  • Physical Assessment
  • Previous Medical Treatment
  • Social/Environmental Factors (partners, family, work)
  • Current Exercise Regime

Taking into account those and other factors and utilising the very latest in pain treatment research, your personal recovery plan will be geared toward restoring your prior functionality and letting you get back to the life you left behind because of your pain.

One of the first things your plan will set out to do is restore your self-confidence and strength. That in itself will go a long way toward enabling you to live a happy life even if you’re still experiencing some pain.

Once you’re confident in your recovery, you’ll be in position to reconnect with your family and friends and begin taking on more and more work and life activities.

As one patient put it: "the exercises are changed and adapted to suit your ability at the time and always looking to improve your overall wellbeing".

Your personal recovery plan isn’t set in stone. We’ll keep tweaking it as we go to ensure your road back to full functionality is as short as possible while also taking care that your recovery is true and here to stay. We realise that the only barometer of your recovery that really counts is you and how you feel, so we listen carefully and look for indicators of how your recovery is proceeding.

This lets us know if we’re pushing you too hard, not moving fast enough, or we’re right where we want to be. When you do achieve your plan goals, you’ll be able to look back at this comprehensive roadmap as the instrument that led you from where we were when you started treatment with us to the happy, productive, well-connected individual you become.