Understand The Hows and Whys Of Your Condition, Treatment and Recovery

At RehWork, we believe that your knowledge regarding your pain, the reasons it occurs and the ways it can be overcome serves to maximize your recovery.

We don’t simply send you home with exercises to perform; we explain to you why your body is acting the way it is and how these exercises - both mental and physical - will help you.

Why do we take the time to educate you?

Because by learning the hows and whys of your situation, you’re far more effective at managing your own recovery.

You understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, which increases your confidence that you’ll succeed.

And once you start achieving your recovery goals, your self-confidence will steadily grow until you complete your recovery plan. In essence, your education becomes the backbone of your recovery.

The first thing you’ll learn is that pain and the reasons for it is complex.

It’s not as simple as your brain saying “ouch!” when you whack your finger with a hammer. In fact, there are a plethora of biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to how much pain you feel, when you feel it, your pain threshold, and every other aspect of pain.

If all you know about pain is what you’ve picked up from movies and the news, you’re likely basing your knowledge on a 400-year-old model of how people feel pain – a model that has long been proven not just obsolete but just plain wrong.

Unfortunately, many treatment centres still treat pain based on this disproven model. That helps to explain why so many pain treatments fail in the long run.

When you turn to us for treatment of your persistent pain, our approach will open your eyes to how pain really works, why you’re feeling the way you feel right now, and how our techniques will cause you to feel less pain as you perform our proven mental and physical exercises.

Can you imagine how this knowledge will aid in your coping with and even recovering from your condition?