Give Your Patients The Help They Need To Manage Their Chronic Pain

Slowly but surely, the myths and outdated beliefs regarding pain, how it occurs and how to manage it are being overcome by fact-based treatments. But for our patients, this can’t happen quickly enough.

If you’re a clinician who works with patients who experience chronic pain, we offer regular courses that can help both you and them. These are taught by therapists with extensive backgrounds in pain management and are designed for busy physicians like you.

  • Have you always been interested in how and why pain occurs?
  • Have you had patients come to you and tell you that they’re in constant pain and nothing seems to help?
  • Have you given them treatment only for them to return still suffering?

Now you’ll be able to provide them with proven pain management techniques that have helped patients in their situation across Australia and the world. No need to continue to prescribe pain medication that treats the symptom and not the cause.

Now you can get to the root of the problem and send your patients home with effective treatments that restore confidence, increase mobility and allow them to regain lost functionality.

Our current course offerings will be listed below soon, in the meantime please contact us for more information.