Push Bikes, Pain Management, And Putting People Back To Work

Ross is RehWork’s Consulting Clinical Psychologist. He began studying and working in human movement and sports psychology, moving towards work with chronic pain sufferers.

With a special affinity for exercise and sport, working with people with injuries was a natural progression for Ross. Because of his background in human movement and sports psych, and a back injury of his own from the time, he discovered insights that proved to be very effective.

John and Ross have been working together since the late 1980s, both working in the field of treating chronic pain. As a member of the phenomenal team at RehWork, he’s able to pair patients with the most compatible personality - smash or gentle.

People with chronic pain tend to fear that their doctor really thinks they’re making it up, and Ross’s experience with debilitating pain enables him to engender trust with these patients and connect with them on a fundamental level.

Another active RehWorker, Ross loves to ride push bikes. He has an e-bike he rides to and from his office each day, racking up 70km/week and 12000+kms since purchasing it. The electric part of the bike is fantastic after a long day, but he found out the hard way that the battery will eventually run dry!

Ross has over 15 years’ experience with the assessment and treatment of psychological distress and injury. For the past 8 years, Ross has frequently worked in collaboration with RehWork's Exercise Physiologists in the treatment of patients with chronic pain, putting his 20 years plus in development and implementation of chronic pain management programs to good use.