Pain Expert; Lecturer; Surfer; Yo-Yo Master?

Indeed, Dr. John Booth is all these things and more. In addition to founding RehWork and operating the clinic on a daily basis, you can find John lecturing in musculo-skeletal rehabilitation at the University of New South Wales as well as co-supervising post graduate students undertaking research concerned with the effect of acute exercise and exercise training on pain and function in patients with persisting pain conditions.

Even with all this activity, he still finds the time for surfing, mountain biking and family fun.

Through his 14 years building RehWork, John has been able to put some of the most recent pain management techniques into practice with positive results.

For instance, as the efficacy of treatment methods like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Mindfulness Strategies was being demonstrated, he included them in the ‘toolbox’ of treatment options used by RehWork.

Additionally, he has been retained as a consultant by several businesses and organizations, including the Leighton Group, State Rail, BlueScope, Telstra and Patrick’s Stevedores.

Always interested in health and healthcare, John swore he’d only work at a job that was active. While his dream of being a professional surfer hasn’t quite come to fruition, he keeps himself insanely busy with his work at the clinic and university.

He’s amazed by the brain and its role in how we feel pain, and this has kept him actively searching for answers even while he lectures at university and runs the clinic.

You wouldn’t think this leaves him much time for leisure activities, yet he has managed to amass a truly huge Yo-Yo collection, with the Maverick as the pride of his fleet.