Group Pain Program

Presented by: Dr John Booth

Overview: An 8 week multidisciplinary biopsychosocial pain management treatment model for injured employees at work but struggling with persisting pain.

Goal: To assist injured workers to normalise their work and daily function and foster self-management and coping.

Indicators for Referral Include:

  • Injured workers at work but coping poorly with their work duties and/or difficulty upgrading
  • Function and work capacity limited by pain
  • Work duties and daily activity not being progressively paced up
  • Slower than expected recovery and return to pre-injury duties
  • Frequent flare-ups
  • Low confidence with work and daily function


  • A biopsychosocial pain management model integrating education, knowledge, understanding and movement/exercise
  • An active approach focused on improving and normalising physical work tolerance and function and managing and coping better
  • A recognition that maintaining treatment and return to work outcomes improves with review and problem solving
  • Close liaison with the workplace, NTD and treating parties
  • Workplace visits to assess the musculoskeletal demands, with workplace functional education and training to reduce the risk of injury

For course context/program and further information please contact RehWork on 02 4229 2012 or via email

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