Mum, Mountain Biker, and Passionate Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist 

Zoë is RehWork’s Consulting Physiotherapist. She began as an Exercise Physiologist, then continued studies to achieve her Masters in Physiotherapy, and following the birth of her first child began specialising in using physiotherapy to treat pelvic floor conditions. There are many specialists for female pelvic health, including Zoë, but she has also focused on male pelvic health treatment, a very under-serviced niche about which she is very passionate.

After travelling through Europe in her early 20s, Zoë arrived back in Australia wanting to build a career in healthcare. Originally setting out to become a personal trainer, she found Exercise Physiology and later physiotherapy.

Persisting pain is similar in many respects to pelvic pain, and they share treatment strategies from the RehWork toolbox. RehWork is a stimulating environment, led by John and his academic passion and rigour. He challenges and inspires the team to continue to read, research, and ensure they’re using evidence-based treatment. Zoë also values the relaxed, supportive environment at RehWork.

Pelvic health can involve very intimate, sensitive issues, and thanks to her passion and personality, Zoë builds rapport and trust easily. She cares. Pelvic Floor specialisation is relatively new, especially male-focused services, and this drives her to continue learning and connecting with patients.

Zoë graduated in the year 2000 with an Exercise Science and Rehabilitation degree; she promptly commenced clinical practice as an Exercise Physiologist primarily working with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. She undertook her Masters of Physiotherapy in 2002, became pregnant and graduated as a Physiotherapist and mum in 2005!

Zoë has extensive experience with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions/injuries and developed a special interest in pelvic floor rehabilitation during her own pregnancy and childbirth. She works casually at the Wollongong Hospital on the maternity ward and has provided outpatient physiotherapy for pelvic floor rehabilitation in the allied health department.

Zoë is currently completing postgraduate study at the Melbourne University in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Physiotherapy.