An accredited exercise physiologist, Aidan is John’s second in command.

With his warm way with people and passion for helping others be physically active, he brings out the best in his patients and prods them to strive to do better.

In addition to the fascinating people he met at university, Aidan sharpened his focus toward joint pain and musculoskeletal injury. His studies also gave him a well-rounded understanding of psychology, biomechanics and injury prevention, which led him to RehWork where he could put his passion into practice.

Don’t tell John, but Aidan could probably teach him a thing or two about surfing, as he surfed competitively whilst he was younger and coached for four years in Bondi.

These days, he forgoes the late nights for some good coffee and relaxation followed up with an early morning surf. He found he fit well at RehWork, where everyone is active outside of work – not to mention the fact that the clinic is close to the beach!