ADRIAN...THE accredited exercise physiologist

With his warm way with people and passion for helping others be physically active, he brings out the best in his patients and prods them to strive to do better.

Don't be fooled by his charismatic smile, as a former black belt in Tae Kwon Do, he loves to combine his prior teachings into the wold of clinical practice and with the team at Rehwork. 

From his time at university, Adrian has developed a strong interest in modern pain science, especially in the realm of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. His studies also gave him a well-rounded understanding of psychology, biomechanics and injury prevention, which led him to Rehwork where he could put his passion into practice.

Also an an academic demonstrator at the University of New South Wales, Adrian has sharpened his focus to furthering his knowledge in the field of therapeutic neuroscience education in treating persisting pain. 

These days, he forgoes the late nights for some good coffee, relaxation and foodie adventures.  And if your into tennis just talk to Adrian about a game, he'll be happy to introduce you to the table upstairs.